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Our 5.5T Kubota Excavator for Hire | Melbourne
Here at Mini Plant Hire we supply a wide range of excavators for hire, sizing from 1T to 5.5T. Our 5.5T Kubota excavators for hire are of the highest quality and can complete a wide array of earthmoving and earthworks projects. Whether you are looking to dig a trench to install new conduits underground, conduct forestry mulching or remove demolition material away from the project site, our 5.5T Kubota excavator for hire can tackle your required p...
5 Benefits of a Mini Bobcat
Mini bobcats are small earthmoving machines that are utilised on small construction worksites and can complete landscaping projects with ease. These mini bobcats can either move aside or load a range of materials such as dirt, gravel, soil and raw materials in confined areas and through narrow pathways. In the construction industry today, we are seeing more and more projects utilising mini bobcats to complete tasks, replacing the standard wheelba...
What affects mini excavator hire rates in Melbourn...
There are a few factors that impact the rate that you will be charged when hiring a mini excavator. These factors include the amount of time the excavator will be required for, GST and tax, the size of the excavator and travel time. There can also be extras added onto this rate. Some extras may include penalty rates and wear-and-tear. It all depends on where you decide to hire your mini excavator from. Always ask for a quote first to ensure the h...

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