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Mini Plant Hire is Melbourne’s ideal mini excavator, mini bobcat and dingo hire company, providing wet & dry hire plant hire for projects across Melbourne, Dandenong, Clayton and Beaconsfield.

We are a local plant hire company specialising in mini excavator hire and bobcat hire for small-scale jobs. We built ourselves up over the past 6 years, focusing on Melbourne’s ever-increasing demand for plant hire in the booming construction industry. As a family-owned and operated business, we strive to provide mini excavator hire, mini bobcat hire and dingoes for hire at affordable rates.


Reliably serviced and maintained by our professional technicians, Mini Plant Hire is the wet & dry hire service that Melbourne, Dandenong, Clayton and Beaconsfield rely on.

Operating Melbourne-wide, Mini Plant Hire offers affordable plant hire with machines that are regularly serviced and maintained to be at their highest quality. Perfect for completing small-scale construction jobs, such as within tight access areas, residential areas and DIY backyard projects, Mini Plant Hire ensures that you have the right machine for the job, and all the tools necessary to achieve your project goal, including any attachment hire you may need. We believe in innovating in all aspects of our job and so we have equipped ourselves with the latest excavator and bobcat models so that you get the most reliable service possible.


Mini Plant Hire serves construction, excavation, landscaping and general earthworks projects throughout Melbourne, including Clayton, Dandenong, Beaconsfield and beyond.

Whether you need landscaping, site development or underground construction projects completed, call upon Mini Plant Hire for the most modern mini excavators, skid steer loaders and dingos in Melbourne. Whether you need to excavate in a tight access area in Melbourne’s CBD, or you need a backyard landscaping project completed in Beaconsfield, Mini Plant Hire offers you the most comprehensive and modern plant hire service.

Each of our machines are versatile, but all are built for different specialisations. Our Kubota mini excavators are designed for trenching and post hole digging, as well as general excavation. Our mini skid steer loaders are perfect for landscaping, site development and underground construction projects. Our dingos for hire are great for excavating in tight access areas and slippery surfaces.


At Mini Plant Hire, we provide the modern mini excavators, bobcats and dingos for hire in Melbourne and its surrounding areas at affordable rates.

If you are looking for the right plant hire for your small-scale construction, excavation or landscaping job in Melbourne, Dandenong, Clayton or Beaconsfield, contact Mini Plant Hire today to receive a free quote on our dry and wet hire options. If you have any questions, enquire below, and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as we can.

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