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What size mini excavator do I need?



Are you struggling to select the correct mini excavator for your field work? Various excavator models perform better on large, flat landscapes, compared to urban environments where there are many buildings and obstacles nearby. Hence, it is necessary to think about the jobs performed on your construction site. The right excavator must be able to perform the reaching, digging, lifting and carrying need of your project.

Keep in mind the following specifications to choose the right excavator for your job:

  • Engine power - Your excavator will require a strong engine to get around your job site and perform tasks. When going through the machine specifications, don’t forget to read about the bore and piston stroke so you can compare the strength of different engines.

  • Weight - Consider the maximum operating weight, which will cover the equipment, operator and load options. You don’t want an excavator that’s too heavy and might damage your site.

  • Size - Make sure your excavator can fit in your construction site. Usually, excavators are sized based on tonnage, corresponding to their operating weight. As for tonnage increases, breakout force increases proportionally.

  • Bucket capacity - Buckets are among the most common used attachment for excavators, so don’t forget to check the types of buckets it supports and the maximum capacity of the bucket option.

How to choose the correct mini excavator size?

The categories below are general and specifications might differ by manufacturer, but the sizes listed are typical for most excavators.

Here’s your guide to choosing the correct excavator size:

  • Mini or compact - These small excavators are typically the most useful machines since they are easy to move. They can weigh somewhere between 2,100 pounds and 10 tons. A mini is a popular choice for small jobs and those with tight space requirements, such as those that require a machine to manoeuvre around a building or work in areas with many lines running through the ground. These require less power and do the least amount of damage to the yard, road and sidewalk.

  • Standard - Excavator machines that are larger than 10 tons and below 45 tons fall into this category. These are the most versatile equipment as they work well in just about any space and with most types of jobs. They come with a lot of power, so it might be a little heavy to move them and do a little damage to the land it has to cross.

  • Large - Excavators that weight up to 95 tons fall into the large category. These machines are used in bigger job sites. These are not used in urban environments or areas with a lot of slopes around the work site, but they constantly provide power for major construction. These machines require a significant investment in the equipment and trailer to move them to the construction site.

Answer the following questions before choosing a mini excavator:

  • What is the type of work that needs to be completed?
  • What is the size, shape and scope of the job site?
  • What work tools/attachments would make your machine more productive?
  • How will you transport the excavator?

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