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Mini Plant Hire will stay open and continue to support our customers during Stage 4 Lockdown. We offer cashless payment, contactless pick up and delivery, and free local delivery. We'll continue to act quickly on Victorian government's advice to help minimise spread of the virus.

Our wide range of attachments



Mini Plant Hire offers a wide range of excavator, bobcat and dingo attachments for hire. Scroll down to read more about our range of high-quality attachments available for hire:

  • Post Hole Digger Attachment
  • Rock Breaker Attachment
  • Ripper Attachment
  • Sleeper Grab Attachment
  • Leveller/Spreader Bar Attachment

Post Hole Digger Attachment

Post hole diggers or augers are useful digging attachments on our Kubota Mini Digger, Kubota 5.5 Ton Excavator, Toyota Mini Bobcat and Toro TX1000 Dingo. Connected by pins, the auger is first attached to the machine with the hydraulic hoses facing upwards. The hydraulic hoses can then be easily attached to the machine along with attaching the auger drill bit to the auger. The operators control the machine arms to add downward pressure while drilling the hole and raise the machine arms to lift the auger out of the hole. The post hole digger can be positioned to the left, right or centre of the machine to suit the project needs.

Rock Breaker Attachment

Rock breaker attachments provide effective demolition services once attached to our Kubota Mini Digger. To successfully attach the rock breaker to the mini digger, grease the rock breaker tool and insert it into the rock breaker housing. Meet the correct gas level by adding and removing gas from the rock breaker. Grease the breaker as specified in the manual through the greasing port. Fit the mounting pins and connect the hydraulic hoses. Operators are now ready to break hard surfaces like concrete and rock.

Ripper Attachment

Ripper attachments have a single-point tooth designed to easily deliver optimum penetration and ripping through hard surface ground and tough root systems. Rippers can be attached to our Kubota Mini Digger and Kubota 5.5 Ton Excavator. Attaching a ripper onto a mini digger or excavator is simple by replacing the previous attachment with the ripper using connecting pins. Operators can quickly break through hard surfaces making the project more time efficient.

Sleeper Grab Attachment

Our Kubota Mini Digger, Toyota Mini Bobcat and Toro TX1000 Dingo plant can have a sleeper grab attachment installed. A sleeper grab is a mechanical attachment designed to lift and lay a variety of concrete, sandstone, blue stone sleepers, concrete walls and prefabricated products. A sleeper grab is easily attached by clamping a chain between the machine arm and the sleeper grab. The machine operator rests the sleeper grab over the product needing to be lifted and then tightens the grab in order to conduct the lift.

Leveller/Spreader Bar Attachment

Both our Toyota Mini Bobcat and Toro TX1000 Dingo can have a leveller or spreader bar installed. Leveller or spreader bar attachments are designed to quickly level out land for ground preparation in landscaping and roadworks. This bar attachment must reach the ground at the preferred level by attaching to the machine arm. Operators will drive the machine back and forth allowing the bar attachment to level the ground and fill any potholes.

Contact Mini Plant Hire

Want to learn more about our attachments in detail? Feel free to reach out to our support team via our online form or call us now for hire offerings throughout Melbourne, Dandenong, Clayton and Beaconsfield. We offer reliable and accurate performance in landscaping, earthmoving and excavation projects.

Mini Plant hire


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51 Henderson Road, Clayton VIC 3168

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