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How to use a mini Bobcat to prepare for fire season



Victorians know how devastating fire season can be. Every year, Australians lose their homes and livelihoods in just a few moments. The biggest accelerator of bushfires is dry material including be sticks, leaves, and dead shrubs in or around a property – fuel that turns a small fire risk into real danger for Victorians, especially in rural areas. Thankfully, a mini skid steer makes it easy to clear this kind of kindling and reduce the damage a bushfire can do to your home.

Create a safe zone

Think of clearing dry fuel from your land as creating a safety ring around your home or property. If a fire can’t fuel itself with dry debris, it is more likely to stop before it gets too close to any buildings or assets. There is a direct connection between the volume of fallen organic matter available and the strength of the fire that feeds on it – the more debris, the stronger the fire.

Loose materials will burn more quickly than compacted materials, especially in high concentrations. Small branches, sticks, and leaves tend to burn faster when they’re dry and during hot weather. Larger materials like trees tend to burn after a fire has already spread and will continue to burn for longer. The eucalyptus oil in gum trees is highly flammable and will also intensify the strength of a fire. It should be considered the most dangerous type of fuel on any property.

Use a mini skid steer to remove dry debris from the outskirts of your property first, then work your way in. By doing this, you are making sure you don’t miss any major portions of debris and ensuring you know exactly how much area you need to cover. Think of it like mowing a lawn, except instead of grass you’re removing overgrown and fallen organic matter.

Choose the right machine

The most efficient debris removal machine is our Toyota mini Bobcat. Designed for difficult jobs, this machine minimises overall work for you. This machine will carve through dry and green waste on your property, ensuring these materials don’t leave you vulnerable during fire season. Even the smallest spark can lead to big trouble, so don’t put off clearing your property with the mini Bobcat before the next fire season.

Use our mini Bobcat to its full potential

Our mini Bobcat is a multi-purpose skid steer, and digging is only the beginning of what it can do for you. The mini Bobcat can make light work of any tree, shrub, root, or fallen material on your property. Difficult spaces and large projects are no match for a Bobcat, which can handle any job in a fraction of the time it would take manually. It can create open spaces free from dry fuel and vegetation, protecting your property from fire. The mini Bobcat’s attachments include arms, buckets, and augers, and can load whatever it moves into a truck for easy removal.

Hire your mini Bobcat today

Don’t leave fire season preparation until it’s too late. For certainty and peace of mind, hire a mini Bobcat from Mini Plant Hire today. Bobcat wet hire saves you the trouble of operating the machine yourself, and lets you leave it up to the professionals. Alternately, we offer the mini Bobcat and similar mini excavators for dry hire, saving on costs and leaving the project in your own hands.

Rest assured knowing your home and property will be safer this fire season. Contact Mini Plant Hire today and get your mini Bobcat and mini excavator needs covered.

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